Now wot's all this, then?
This is Shatterrealm, the official Web site for my SciFi/Fantasy series. You don't need to buy the books to understand the comics! Although they're certainly more interesting if you've read the books, the comics are meant to stand on their own. Same with the short stories.

Okay, but what's Shatterrealm?
Shatterrealm is an otherworldly adventure, leaning hard on action but heavily philosophical. It can be violent at times and contains profanity. I wouldn't recommend it for readers under 16. (Although teachers tell me that middle schoolers read far worse, so what do I know.)

What's the point?
Of life?

No, no, no. What's the point of the comics?
I wrote the comics to give you something to read for free! They also answer less important questions raised by the books, such as "Where does Inter-D find food?" (Blue Bloods) and "What happens when you jump to a random dimension?" (If I Had to Perish Twice) Sometimes they retell the story from alternate (and alternative) perspectives. The Conduit is a sort of standalone prequel that will enrich the characters in the third book.

Why are you writing dumb books?
I've always written the sort of thing that I wanted to enjoy reading. Shatterrealm has the added objective of bringing more challenging, original and meaningful material to Christian media (most of which is currently awful). But atheists and agnostics seem to enjoy my stuff, too. Most of my characters embody what happens when you fail to "speak the truth in love." All of them are wrong about something. I wanted them to be like real people.

Are you going to tell me as little as possible in each book so that I have to buy like seven just to get a clear story?
Aw no, I'm not a tease. Each book's plotline is wrapped up in the end. The romance and character narratives are ongoing, however -- oh em gee, just like real life! So if you want to get an idea of how I like to end things, the first book will give you a satisfying conclusion to the main plot, but it will also leave a lot of open ends in case you feel like reading on.

Fine. Whatever. Just who are you supposed to be?
I'm Hannah Rose Williams, and this is my boom stick. Pretty much every character on this site, and the universe he or she lives in, was created by me. (As for the rest, see my husband below.) I love the goth subculture, I still think Batman Beyond was the best show ever, and I'm a theologically conservative Christian. Seriously, the Bible rocks my socks off.


Another of my weird hobbies is having good-natured arguments with people on the Internet. That's how I met my husband! His name is Jared Williams, and he's pretty awesome. He also wrote some of our comics and designed a few characters, uniforms, and weapons that I was too girly to do well. His greatest contribution is his robot character, Amadeus. I freakin' love that robot. Oh, and my husband too, I suppose.

The Internet is also how I met Raphaëlle Crow, an amazing, funny and intelligent lady who agreed to draw Blue Bloods for me! And she did this one for free, so once that's up and running you're going to have to tip the crap out of her. From time to time, Raph also allows me to ask her awkward questions about her worldview. You can find her deviantART account here.

Our dear cousin, Kyle O'Neill, was slotted to ink If I Had to Perish Twice. Unfortunately, before he could do this, cystic fibrosis ended his life. We will be dedicating the finished work to him. Find out more about cystic fibrosis here.

What if I have more questions?
You can E-mail me at shatterrealm@gmail.com!

What if I just hate you and want to punch you SO HARD
You can still E-mail me! Yay!